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About us

Experience and quality:
Linz GmbH
Motoren und KFZ-Technik

„Quality is everything!“ was the credo of Bernd Linz, when he started his company 35 years ago. And nothing has changed since then: excellent quality is still the benchmark for the team.

The team consists of 10 highly qualified mechanics for engines, differential and automatic transmissions who maintain and repair parts for passenger cars, transporters and trucks.

Additionally we have of course an all-over service, too: No matter which task to fulfil, our up to date fully equipped garage offers the right conditions to technically maintain your vehicle according to the highest standards.

Of course all vehicles of our customers pass through a final check concerning the commissioned work, using a diagnostic module.

Udo Linz, son of the founder, who took over the specialist company in 2009 in second generation, offers his customers a warranty for exchange engines, automatic transmissions and rear axles of up to three years or a mileage of 100,000 kilometres – the quality standard of Linz GmbH is high.

Of course there are reasons:

  • For exchange engines, automatic transmissions and rear axles we only use original spare parts or those from the initial equipment, without any exceptions.
  • We only use original spare parts like pistons, cylinder heads, seal kits, large end bearings, main bearings and valves from renowned manufacturers.
  • Motor parts like engine block, crankshafts, piston rods, camshafts, cylinder heads and valves are processed only on specialist machines with complex and varied techniques (drilling, grinding, honing, flat surface grinding, turning, balancing, milling).

Without fuss or quibble: quality is everything!

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