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Do one thing but don’t omit the other –
All services for our customers at a glance:

  • Outstanding qualification, excellent know-how and long experience determine the 10 employees of Linz GmbH
  • Repair of parts for passenger cars, transporters and trucks for the brands Daimler-Benz, BMW and Opel
  • Delivery of exchange engines, automatic transmissions and rear axles
  • Processing of engine parts like engine block, crankshafts, piston rods, camshafts, cylinder heads and valves on specialist machines using complex and varied techniques
  • Always on stock: between 150 and 200 new and used Mercedes-Benz engines
  • Wide range stock of many engine parts
  • Spare parts like pistons, cylinder heads, seal kits, large end bearings, etc. are only obtained and built in from renowned original manufacturers like KA, Mahle, Glyco, Reinz, Elring, TRW, Götze and many more
  • Up-to-date fully equipped car garage for all maintenance and repair work
  • To substantiate our quality standard we allow a warranty of up to three years or a mileage of 100,000 kilometres for our exchange engines, automatic transmissions and rear axles
  • We never leave you alone with your vehicle: our own towing service will help you.
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